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Blog: Masca, skirts, makeup

So, it's the Friday after Christmas and I'm going to have to go back to school soon. I still don't know what classes I'm taking or what books to order. I need to get organized!
I've been reading a lot of manga on my phone recently because of my Mango app and I've re-fallen-in-love with Masca. I started reading it on one manga a while ago and just stopped when I started reading other books. I read the first three volumes yesterday and I hope to read more tomorrow. I really love the story and the drawings. It's also got just the right amount of comedy to go with the dark themes of the story. The only problem I've been having is forgetting to read from Left to Right since I'm used to reading r to l now. I've also been reading Bleach and Addicted to Curry.
I've been looking at a lot of skirt patterns on sew_loli and other websites because I really want to make another skirt. The only problem is that I really want to lose some weight and I don't want to make something that I'll have to alter if I lose weight, so I'm putting off making anything. I've been wearing my homemade high waisted skirt a bit... It fits a little funny in the waist since I lost weight so I'm going to have to fix it somehow... a task I'm dreading slightly. I've been eyeing some skirts on bodyline recently, but a lot of the things I like either don't come in a long enough length or not in my size at all or are out of the colors I wear (ie, black, red, royal blue, white). Maybe they will get in some more things in a few months that might work for me.
I think I'm also getting interested in makeup again. I bought a bunch of face products at CVS yesterday because I was somehow out of Foundation, concealer and powder. Why don't they make things light enough for my skin tone? Am I really that pale? The almay foundation I got is too orange, but looks fine once I put a very pale powder on top, so I don't look like a clown.
In other news, another one of my old skirts officially fell apart last night when I was getting ready to go out to seafood. It was a cotton two layered skirt that was a little below knee length in this really pretty sage green/blue color. That is the fifth skirt that has literally fallen apart on me in the past six months. I really need to get more skirts.
Alright, I'm off to get ready for lunch with my grandmother. Talk at y'all later!

Merry Christmas!

I haven't posted in months! School took over my life with research paper of doom- opera rehearsals and performances- and trying to get along with people in my job. I can't believe the year is over almost. Merry Christmas everyone!

Books I've been reading and Music

Hello All!
It's been pretty crazy the past few weeks. I've been packing up my stuff to go to school and I am finding a whole lot of really weird things I had thought I had thrown away... like four years worth of Sunday comics. It will all get packed though (I hope).

I've been reading a bunch in the last week and have now finished Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" and "The Firey Cross" from the Outlander series. Both of them ended up being much better than I thought they would be when I first picked them up. Neverwhere wandered a little bit, but by halfway through the book I was sucked into the world of Underground London and couldn't put it down. It's a very dark book, but not in the way that horror is. I've decided that I like this sort of dark urban fantasy. It plays games with your mind, but is always satisfying in the end.

The Firey Cross I actually began last summer, but never finished it because I lost it when I went to school. I found it again while cleaning and read the rest of it in a week. It was much better than its predescesor in the series and contained several weddings, murders, angry wild animals, and exciting adventures in the pre-revolutionary wilds of North Carolina.
Now I'm reading "Our Tragic Universe" by Scarlett Thomas. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. It's one of those stories that philosophises about stories not having a plot. I tend to like plot, but I'm going to keep reading it to see if it gets better.
I'm also reading the first part of Kalevala that I found at my school library when I went for a voice lesson a few weeks ago. It's really old (1907 I think is when it was published) and has that really great old book smell. I had trouble finding it in the library because I thought it would be next to the other Scandinavian literature where I had spent most of my spring semester doing research for a paper. Instead it was inbetween books on Turkish folk tales and a very old history of Egypt.

I've been listening to tons of LPs of Tannhauser and Forza del Destino recently. There are some really great ones of performances from the sixties that are very exciting.
Hope you all are having a great day! I'm off to pack more!


Hello All!
I'm now addicted to crochet. I have been making the cutest little creatures from this book:

And I've also taught myself how to make granny squares. They are addictive!

I'm also addicted to so seriously cute internet shopping sites for stationery products and I actually ordered some recently. I can't wait 'till I get it. (I had it sent home since it said it could take up to two months to ship and it got there in a week. I hope my grandmother is able to pick it up for me before I get back from vacation.) It was so cute that I couldn't resist. I, of course, got some with musical instruments on it to send to all of my awesome musician friends. Music just makes me so happy. I had so much fun looking at all the sites and trying to decide what I wanted.
I'm super excited about my pen pals... It makes me uber happy to receive mail in the mailbox (Although my mother is starting to get annoyed of me driving into town every other day to go to the post office). 'Till I get my new stuff, I'll just use the mountain of cards I have on my desk (I'd forgotten how many Monet cards I had).

I can't wait for school to start again so I can have some superimposed structure back in my life (even if I'll be stressed to the max). Then I'd probably finish the twenty or so books I'm reading. Here's my shelfari if you are interested:

Hope you all are having a great day and I'll talk at you later!
Hi Everybody!
At the moment I'm on vacation ;) and in the middle of trying to organize all my school stuff before the summer is over. I ended up getting side tracked by my footlocker of pretty colored yarn and books I had forgotten I had. Since yesterday morning I've winded (is that the correct tense?) eight balls of yarn out of a gigantic mess of knots and made two mini turtles and an apple for my voice teacher. I'm starting on a little dog for my friend that I'm going to visit tomorrow, so I hope I finish it tonight. I don't think I'll ever get finished organizing at this point!
In other news, I just posted my skirt that I made a few weeks back onto sew_loli. Let me know what you think. I'm trying to find a pattern for either a high-waisted skirt or a jsk that isn't totally confusing since I still don't really understand pattern reading (which is funny since I can understand knitting and crochet and needle point patterns perfectly).
Also, I just saw Green Lantern last night with my family and it was really awesome. (I had to go, cuz some of the movie was shot about a mile away from my house... go NOLA!)
And lastly, I just saw a bear in my front yard... this has been an exciting way to start the week.
So, I'm home for the summer since school ended two weeks ago (I can't believe I graduated)! I've decided to try to make a skirt because my internet goes in and out and I need something to do with my hands. I'm making a mock up at the moment using an old sheet that had a bunch of holes in it. I think I didn't make the waist big enough, but I'll see when I get to that point. I have no sewing machine, so I'm having to do it all by hand and I'm sure it will take a while, but I'll post some pictures when it is done.
In other news, I fixed up my Milanoo dress enough to wear it in public, but I left it packed with all of my school clothes so I can't wear it at the moment! That's ok though, since it is going to be getting warmer here soon and I'll probably be wearing shorts. I'm pretty excited about this summer project wise and I'm in the middle of going through my closet and finding all the clothes I don't need anymore (I have clothes that I still wear that still fit me from MIDDLE SCHOOL. Isn't that insane? Most of my friends get new wardrobes every two or three years. I actually have some tie dye t-shirts from 3rd grade that I still wear, but I'm going to be making my t-shirts into something I think). I'm excited about trying to lolify my wardrobe over the summer and hopefully find some shoes that are lolita-esque. (I wear a US 10 W... and I'm really picky about how they feel).

cute loliable things I found at claire's

I went to Claire's today for the first time because I was looking for a hat to wear to a school function. I found a hat... and so much more. I wanted to stay in the store forever, but I had to get back to school so my friend could finish writing an essay for her Italian class. Here's stock photos of what I got (because I can't find my camera).
Isn't this the cutest hat! It was just what I was looking for and it was under twenty dollars so I was really happy (hats can be very expensive). I love the lace because it reminds me of the lace I had on a doll's dress growing up.
This is such a cute necklace. I saw it and I knew I had to have it. The locket opens and has a lot of room to put things in and the little charms are adorable!
I think I'm going to wear this on my hat... It just looked so pretty with it, I decided to get it... I don't have many brooches or pins that I wear regularly because all the ones I have are rather odd or they don't match my clothing colors at all. I do have one of napoleon I should find because it is really cute... but that means I'd have to clean my room to find it. :)
On the cardboard hand at the store, they had the gloves facing the other way, but this looks just as cute. I was surprised that they actually fit, since I have large wrists, but they fit me perfectly.
I'm so excited about my little outing because I found so many cute things that I can add to my wardrobe! Let me know what you think! Have a great day. :)

Milanoo Dress Fail

I received my dress from Milanoo this afternoon. I wasn't expecting it until next thursday, so it came as a very pleasant surprise. I opened it up immediately... It came with a really scratchy "petticoat" that made a big poof but scrached my legs. The dress itself... pretty much a fail depending on how much I can fix with darts and tucks here and there. I'm not a very good seamstress (read: I usually only hem things and sew up holes that happen sometimes) so I'm not sure how my alterations will turn out because it needs quite a lot. The good: the dress is a beautiful dark red color, the length is perfect (around mid-calf/ under knee), and my hips fit perfectly. The bad: it's about three inches too big in the bust and about six or seven in the back. when I first put it on I looked like I had a hunchback. After taking it on and off about twenty times and putting in tons of pins, I realized that there is a side zip. It works very well. At this point I would rate my over-all satisfation as a 2.5/5. I'm off to find some sewing tips on resizing clothes... wish me luck! Oh, and if anyone would like to see pictures, I can take some later!

Ramble about sewing, socks, and summer

He everybody!
I added some really ugly blue lace to my shirt collar. I had picked it up when I was doing a project at school and it was on sale at walmart... I think I'm also going to add some odd blue ribbon to tie around my neck... I need to do something to the sleeves as well because they look very awkward at the moment.
Last night when I was doing a project in the library at school, on of my friends was working on a dress for a medieval group she is in. I asked her if she knew how to read patterns or if she just made them up herself, and she and my other friend told me that next year they can teach me how to read patterns. She also does all of her sewing by hand... and it is gorgeous!
Also, I bought some knee socks while at walmart yesterday... they were cheap and I needed more socks, so I wanted to see if they would fit before I get my hopes up for more expensive brands... They fit to about 2/3 of the way up my calf, so that's better than I was expecting (I have crazy big calf muscles that can be very annoying when trying to find fitted leg garments, like boots, leggings, socks, etc.). My friend that was with me also got some really cute cat ankle socks :)
I can't wait for school to be over and to be able to clean my room and have time to do other activities again (like knitting and crochet and reading). I'll have the summer to plan lots of activities :)
Hope everyone's having a good day!
(PS. my title contains alliteration!)


So this week begins the final week of school before exams, which is quite scary thinking that I will never see some of these people that I spend my days with ever again. This means tons of projects and papers along with regular classes and trying to clean up my dorm room before I have to move out.
I started reconstructing a t-shirt last night after looking at several tutorial type posts and different cut-sews that were cute... I messed up a little with the sleeves, so I need to fix that and the collar before I do anything else cute to it... I might make a bow out of some of the leftover material... this is a test run so I used a tie dye school t-shirt, so it won't look so cute but it might make the t-shirt look better than it did before and I won't hurt the shirts I love :) When I finish I might post pictures so I can get feedback on my crazy sewing :)
In other news, I just got an e-mail telling me my Milanoo order has shipped and that I should expect it the 12th of May. That is over a month since I placed the order (if it even comes in time). I hope it comes in time because I will be leaving my dorm that weekend and will have to get it sent to my home if it arrives later... so confusing! I just want my dress at this point. I better get to sleep so I can wake up in the morning for class! :) and figure out how to make the air conditioner work without freezing me through the night.